Aimee returns to the professional cycling scene after taking an 11-year hiatus to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. In 2017, while living Florida to pursue further education in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Aimee ran into a member of a local cycling team when looking at a rental property, and this was just the inspiration she needed to get back on the bike. Aimee bought a low-end Pinarello, joined the local team, and religiously did the 5 am group rides, even if it meant sleeping 4 hours after late nights at the vet clinic. Little by little, her fitness returned, and on a whim, she decided to race the Mt. Washington Hill Climb. After multiple recurring dreams that she couldn't reach the top, she did just that; she bested her prior PR by 3 minutes and won the race. Armed with the realization that she could compete again, and perhaps even chase some lingering goals, she joined forces with Coach Tom Danielson, got a job in Longmont, CO, and started training with power for the first time. Since then, Aimee has won or finished on the podium in multiple hill climbs and gran fondos, including winning her beloved Mt. Washington for a record 5th time. After a victory at Pike's Peak, her former (and now current!) teammate, Liza, encouraged her to send a resumé to Hagens Berman Supermint. She was completely floored that she was selected for the 2019 team, and could not be more honored to be racing with such a great group in 2019!

DOB: 7/22/78
Current Residence: Longmont, CO
Turned Pro: 2006; again in 2019
Cycling Disciplines:  Stage Racing, Hill Climbs
Specialty: Climbing
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Winning Mt. Washington in 2017 
Race Day Rituals: 
Try to sleep the night before (difficult), try not to drink too much coffee in the AM (very difficult), try not to forget anything like shoes (impossible, but a failsafe system is in the works)
Favorite Race: Mt. Washington Hill Climb, because it's a family affair
Goals for 2019: 1. Contribution to team successes, 2. Stage and hill climb wins, 3. Becoming a more versatile cyclist, with emphasis on TT and criterium riding
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Hanging with my boy, Timmy T, and my 3 x 4-legged pets and 2 x 3-legged pets
Biggest Fear: Criteriums
Must-Haves for Traveling: Acupuncture needles

Instagram: @aevasse