ANDREW STEELE, Head Mechanic

I used to race bikes. Now, I still get to go to bike races but I don't need a recovery drink after. And if you come to my workbench you'll be treated to the finest collection of 90's music you've ever heard. 

DOB: Mostly Millennial
Current Residence:  Arlington, VA
Do You Ride? I tell everyone I do.
Your Role With The Team in 1 Sentence:  I get bikes to make less noise.
Favorite Race: Any of the ones I haven't done yet.
Goals for 2019: Get through at least one race weekend without losing a shirt to grease stains. 
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Downloading and deleting dating apps.
Biggest Fear: Showing up late for literally anything .
Must-Haves for Traveling: Everybody says phone charger, right?