ELISE DONOVAN, Ambassador Program Manager

After school, work, and life gave Elise opportunities to live all over the USA (Utah, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Colorado and Oklahoma) and overseas (Iceland and New Zealand), she is settling into her second year in Oregon where she is an Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at The Oregon Institute of Technology. She loves teaching and anything else that involves directly interacting with our students, and this year she is also amped to be serving as the university’s Faculty Athletics Representative. After more years of playing soccer than she can count, she started cycling recreationally during graduate school, then three years ago got involved with racing as both a participant and fan (including the 2018 Supermint ambassador program) and is now completely enamored. 

DOB: 08/31/1980
Current Residence:  Klamath Falls, OR
Do You Ride?Yes, I ride and race both road and cyclocross.
Role With The Team in 1 Sentence:  I’m managing the 2019 Ambassador Program.
Favorite Race: Tough question… For watching and supporting, Supermint I love the stage races and seeing how team tactics and individual efforts play out over stages. For my own racing, on road its any race in which I can participate and contribute to my team's success. For cross, probably Jingle Cross, though the national championship course in Asheville a couple years ago and Derby City in Louisville are close seconds.
Goals for 2019: For my role with Supermint, my goal is to help the ambassador program repeat or exceed its 2018 success and positive experiences for the participants. For riding and racing my goals are to make the leap into some of the bigger P/1/2 road races and compete respectably, and to compete at the master’s national championships in road race and TT, and cyclocross.
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Drinking coffee, hanging with my pooch, taking advantage of Oregon awesomeness.
Biggest Fear: Disappointing or letting down people who have given me opportunities or are counting on me. 
Must-Haves for Traveling: My phone, snacks, and when school is in session usually work.