Julie is all about bringing up riders and supporting newer women starting out in the sport. She believes that the more women we have participating, the more we advance the sport. She loves riding, racing, and finding a family and a community through cycling. She is in love with her family and cycling. She enjoys coffee, bikes, snacks, spending time in Richmond, researching insects and birds (ask her about vultures) reading and laughing. 

 DOB: 11/4/1980
Current Residence:  Richmond, VA
Turned Pro: 2013
Cycling Disciplines: Road, cx, downhill, mtb, unicycle 
Specialty: Bringing out the best in everyone else
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Finding the perfect team/ family.
Race Day Rituals: Coffee spin and pancakes. 
Favorite Race:
 Day 1 of the Armed Forces Cycling Classic, Winston Salem Cycling Classic
Goals for 2019: Continue to cultivate a positive, winning environment in the team.
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: 
Biggest Fear: 
Death...it's also my biggest motivator.
Must-Haves for Traveling:Foam roller and sweatpants. #sweatpantlyfe

Twitter: @julie_kuliecza
Instagram: @juliekuliecza