DOB: 11/4/80
Place of Birth: Alexandria VA
Current residence: Richmond, VA
Turned pro: 2013
Speciality: super domestique with a tendency towards bad jokes, good coffee and top notch high fives
First bike: BMX that my brother and I shared. We taught each other how to ride it. No parents allowed!
Interests outside of cycling: coffee, family, dogs, naps, jokes
Favorite race: "Anything technical. Eight corners or more bayyybbbbbeeeeee!"
If you had a super power, what would it be: Teleportation. There's a lot of places I gotta be all the time.
Goals for 2017: Gauging races better, be a better teammate, throwing down more attacks, friendly aggressiveness, master full conductor status.
What do you want to accomplish in your cycling career: create/ add to the momentum of women's cycling. Work with younger riders to facilitate development camaraderie and success for the benefit and longevity of women's cycling. Also, be able to do a sick wheelie. 
Something you wish you would have been told as an amateur: Racing is great but it's the people you surround yourself with that will really enhance your experiences. Have confidence in yourself and your choices and appreciate the people who help you along the way.


Twitter: @julie_kuliecza
Instagram: @julieeeee