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Leigh Ann enters her first year as a professional with the team after a breakthrough year in 2018, which included a win at the 2018 Pro Criterium National Championships. As a former collegiate runner, she started cycling in 2015, and she enjoys the sport for it's balance as a competitive environment while still being a supportive women's community. Outside of cycling, she is a doctoral student at University of Texas School of Public Health in health promotion and behavioral science researching physical activity promotion in children. 

DOB: 09/08/1989
Current Residence:  Austin, TX
Turned Pro: 2019
Cycling Disciplines: Road
Specialty: All-around, climbing, criterium
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: US Pro Criterium Nationals last year where I took a gamble with an attack on the penultimate lap, and ended up with the win, much to my and other teams' surprise. The race was a turning point in my cycling career, and wearing the stars and stripes has been an honor and motivator.
Race Day Rituals: Coffee, laughing, and probably reading scientific papers.
Favorite Race: Tulsa Tough and Joe Martin Stage Race
Goals for 2019: Gain experience as a reliable teammate, see lots of Supermint on top of podiums, and learn how to act normal in a photo
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Reading, spending time in the mountains
Biggest Fear: Odd numbers
Must-Haves for Traveling: White noise machine

Twitter: @laganzar
Instagram: @laganzar