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Lily Williams is a fresh face on our team. She recently graduated with a master's degree in science journalism and multimedia from Northwestern University. She currently lives in Asheville, NC, where she freelances and work as the communications director for the nonprofit bike registry, Bike Index. She is relatively new to cycling, having previously been a runner at Vanderbilt University from 2012-2016, but had a breakout season in 2017 with a win at the UCI Joe Martin Stage Race. On the road bike, she loves hilly crits, drag-race sprint finishes, and attacking and covering moves. 

DOB: 06/24/1994
Current Residence: Asheville, NC
Turned Pro: 2018
Cycling Disciplines: Road, cyclocross
Specialty: Sprinting, VO2 efforts
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Getting 2nd at collegiate cross nationals in January 2017. I had taken a year off from sports and was racing cross just for fun. It was the first time I understood that for me, happiness - not perfection and absolute discipline - precedes racing at
a high level.
Any Race Day Habits: Listen to some tunes, drink a lot of coffee, and try to relax, despite the coffee.
Favorite Race: Tulsa Tough and North Star Grand Prix
Goals for 2018: Land Supermint ladies on lots of podiums. Gain lots of experience and improve upon last year's results by being an integral member of the team.
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Writing, reading long-form articles, and going deep into the internet. Learning about fashion, music, and science. Laughing at stuff.  
Biggest Fear: As a woman, not being able to one day focus 100% of my energy on cycling. It's hard to both work or study full-time and train and travel full-time. I would love to see what is possible if women could devote themselves completely to cycling.

Twitter: @runt2pb
Instagram: @runt2pb
Website: runt2pb.blogspot.com, pscxteam.com