DOB: Halloween 1984
Current Residence: Let's not talk about it. 
Turned Pro: 2013
Speciality: Suffering, snark, sarcasm. 
First bike: A 2007 GT 'Mountain Bike'.
Favorite non-cycling activity: Exploring and eating my way through new cities.
What inspires you? People who are better than me make me want to work hard, try harder, and go harder. 
Favorite Race: The Sunset Road Race stage of the Redlands Bicycle Classic.
Something you wish you would have been told as an amateur: There is no result or pro contract that is going to make it all worthwhile, so you'd better enjoy the process along the way.
Goals for 2017: I'm going to win some races.
If you were a super hero, what would your power be? Flying. Or maybe endless repercussion-free digestion.
Guilty pleasure: Oh God, all of the food... Grocery store sheet cake. 


Twitter: @thedirtfield
Instagram: @thedirtfield