LGoldman Manager.jpg

LINDSAY GOLDMAN, General Manager

Lindsay continues in 2019 as the team’s General Manager because she loves a good challenge.

DOB: Halloween 1984
Current Residence:  Scottsdale, AZ
Do You Ride? I should hope so, since I’m taking up a roster spot on the team.
Your Role With The Team in 1 Sentence: I spend most of my time reorganizing the service course and shipping things.
Favorite Race: The Redlands Bicycle Classic – the fans are wonderful, the courses are great, and I love the area.
Goals for 2019: Make the sponsors genuinely believe that supporting this team was the best, most worthwhile use of their resources. Keep the riders and staff happy.
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: There are things to do outside of cycling?
Biggest Fear: Disappointing supporters of the team.
Must-Haves for Traveling: Snacks. I always pack food like I’m going somewhere that doesn’t have any.