DOB: January 30,1974
Place of Birth: Denver, CO
Current residence: Los Altos, CA / Boise, ID
Turned pro: 2004
Speciality: domestique / all-arounder
First bike: CIOCC
Interests outside of cycling: skiing, triathlon, reading, yoga
Favorite race: Boise Twilight Criterium and St. Francis Tulsa Tough.
What inspires you? Seeing athletes push themselves beyond their limits and excel beyond their belief.
Places you want to visit: Alaska, Greece, India, Serbia
Goals for 2017: Provide the best team support and leadouts ever.
Something you wish you would have been told as an amateur: The quality of your training is more important than the volume, and to get good blood-work done regularly.
Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate and donuts.

Twitter: @lizar
Instagram: @lizarocket