Here we were. After months of planning and plotting, lining up sponsors, signing riders, worrying about kit designs, wrangling logistics and checking off all of the administrative boxes that come with starting a new UCI team, we are finally here in Southern California for team training camp. 

Over the course of a week, the riders have gotten a chance to meet, practice sprinting drills among the lemon groves, discuss racing goals for 2016, attempt to stay within the daily grocery budget and grumble about finishing every single ride with a climb up the ridiculously steep driveway of the host house. 

It is nearly impossible to predict with any certainty how a group of individuals may get along when they are forced to share tight spaces like guest rooms in a host house or a team van, but if the amount of laughter this past week is any indication, none of the riders will have to worry about doing core work for the remainder of the season.

Here are a few photos from the week at Rancho Vista.

Words & Photos Andy Bokanev.