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Starla Teddergreen, a Portland-based rider returning to the team for her second season, is known for her sprint, aggressive racing style, and dedication to her teammates. She strongly believes in lifting up women in sport. Being an athlete is hard enough, and she feels that
women can do so much to elevate the sport when we work together. Off the bike, she is a graphic designer, wife, dog mama to Abi the Aussie, and lover of outdoor adventure - be it trail running with Abi or overlanding deep in the backcountry with her husband Gino. She loves to explore, appreciate the beauty of nature, and live in the moment.

Current Residence: Portland, OR
Turned Pro: 2010
Cycling Disciplines: Road, MTB, CX
Specialty: Sprinting, giving my all for my teammates. 
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Getting to meet those I’ve inspired and hear their stories. 
Any Race Day Habits: Wake up and drink coffee, but I guess that’s every day. 
Favorite Race: Hard to pick just one! Redlands, Delta Road Race, Philly Cycling Classic, Winston Salem Road Race, San Rafael Twilight. 
Goals for 2018: Win some races, help teammates win some more, and inspire others to pursue sport. 
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Overlanding and camping with my husband and our dog Abi.                  Biggest Fear: Not fulfilling my athletic potential. 

Twitter: @StarlaTgreen
Instagram: @starlat
Website: starlateddergreen.com