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TAD HAMILTON, Sports Director

Tad likes cycling to be hard. To him that has always been the beauty of the sport, so that has always been his style as a Director. He wants to see who can succeed in these conditions. He looks for it in his riders, and also in our competitors, and makes strategic adjustments based on his observations. 

DOB: October 6, 1968
Current Residence: Boise, Idaho
Do You Ride? I ride every day...unless it’s snowing.
Role With The Team in 1 Sentence: I challenge our riders to achieve heroic results, and I help supply them with the equipment, knowledge and inspiration to do so.
Favorite Race: R.I.P. Philly! My new favorite is Gastown, with Boise Twilight a close second.
Goals for 2019: Continue to push the women’s peloton in North America towards a more exciting, dynamic and unpredictable style of racing.
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Anything that includes snow.
Biggest Fear: Toddlers with runny noses.
Must-Haves for Traveling:
Snax and an eye mask.