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Tarah Cole joined our team mid-season in 2017 and returns for another year! She holds an MS in Statistics and a BS in Math. After collegiate running, becoming a scuba diving instructor, and spending copious amounts of time underwater, she bought a bike and never looked back. Her
happy place is on an hour-long climb. Off the bike, she enjoys growing her food, hiking 14ers, and all things chocolate.

DOB:  11/15/1989
Current Residence: Raised in Ohio (not sure where I am going to live yet).
Turned Pro: 2017
Cycling Disciplines: Road
Specialty: Climbing and anything that requires intrinsic motivation.
Best Moment in Your Cycling Career: Oak Glenn Stage at Redlands. It was my first top 10 despite being dropped before the start of the climb. I had been hit by a car earlier that year. During the climb, I kept thinking about the collision with the car, trauma therapy, and the
mental and physical hardships that caused me to be unsure I wanted to race again. I kept repeating, "You do not quit – fight for it."
Any Race Day Habits: Good music: I love "Indie Dance Radio" on Pandora.
Favorite Race: I suspect it will be Gila in 2018!
Goals for 2018: To help my teammates see the podium and to achieve some of my stretch goals.
Favorite Non-Cycling Activity: Summiting 14ers.
Biggest Fear: Complacency and mediocrity.

Twitter: @tarahlynncole
Instagram:  @tarah1115